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7 Tips To Recover From Negative Thoughts

"I'm tired", "I don't know what else to do", "I don't understand why my life is like this", "Everyone is looking for me to fail", "I want to help people, but I don't know how", "Where do I begin?", "I don't have any money for this", "God do you hear me?", "I just can't get it together".

Have you said this to yourself? or Have you had any of these thoughts, but just didn't' say it out loud? When I was a little girl I was told to "go to school, do well, go to college, so you can be in a good career", soooooo, I did all that and actually went another two steps and got my Masters then pursued my Doctorate (still in the making....possibly). Although I am grateful for my education because it is something that cannot be taken away from me, I am yet still struggling to find my way in life as we all are. We ALLLLL! Have moments of feeling like you are drowning in your thoughts and it is NEVER a good situation because our thoughts are often negative which causes us to be in a depressed state of mind. Here are 5 tips to get you out and keep you out of the funk:

  1. Pray (no matter what)- When life get tough, I know we don’t like to pray we actually withdraw and tell ourselves that God has forgotten or is punishing you, WRONG!! Prayer is not what you always thought it to be, sometimes it’s sitting in silence with tears streaming down your face. Sometimes it’s writing a letter to God. Other times it’s dancing or playing an instrument, God hears it all.

  2. Reject The Negative – This is something I have to remind myself ALL the time. For every negative thought back at it with something positive and include a scripture.

  3. Move – Don’t stay in the bed, don’t stay in the house, MOOOOOVE!!! Get out and do something, go to the movies, go get a massage, get your nails done just do something besides cry and dwell on your problems.

  4. Exercise – Yeah it means move, but exercise is significantly different because the movement from exercise causes your adrenaline moves faster your body gets more of a rush than just walking around. Exercise allows you to get your frustrations out in a safe environment.

  5. Friend(s) – I’m sure you have at least one friend you call that will sit and just listen to you then pep you up, she may even be the friend that prays and wise at the same time. Lawd if you have her in your life hold on tight (LOL). Surround yourself with true friends not toxic people that will keep you in that negative state of mind.

  6. Be Productive – Work on something, even though at this moment you are feeling like crap and you don’t want to think about your goals/business, you have to keep going. Write out some goals for the week, write a blog post, produce a podcast episode, create your course, update your resume, apply for a new job, apply for an internship, apply to a program, bake etc.. Whatever it is you need to do it get to it.

  7. Therapy – I truly think that no matter what I talk about I find a way to add this to the topic. Believe me ladies you can pray and go to a therapist; I mean you pray and still see a doctor, right? Trust me on this one you won’t regret it.  

 You are not alone! No matter what your thoughts tell you it is the trick of the enemy to get you off track from the plans God has for your life. As I write this post I am overcoming my own negative thoughts. We are not perfect and we will never be, but we can learn to recognize when the enemy is trying to throw us off and combat quicker. This is a journey that you will win, that WE will win.


~Amelia LadyB

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